Monday, February 10, 2014

honoring the artist

Have you ever thought about trust. The word is tossed around quite a lot. But, I was thinking about it today... what does trust mean to me? Creatively, I put a lot of trust in my art community. I trust my friends with things that I tell them. I trust that as I express an idea in it's infancy that they will let me unfold the it, in it's time.

As we create in this wonderful place, we are networking and connecting with lovely people everyday. Each artist we meet  needs to know that we "see" them. That we see what they are doing. Honoring the divine artists in our community is akin to honoring the artist within. 

I challenge you this week to do this: acknowledge an artist, let her know that you see her, that what she is doing matters.

Because after the shows, galleries, magazines, books, articles and art, It's about trusting that idea that we have been seen, that what we do matters. 

 Greta Wade-Jenereaux, I see you... Your art doll work is second to none! You are an artist in the trade willing to help and share. Your girls are wild!

Emily Wohlscheid, I see you... Your fiber art and metal work have me in awe. It's like a fiber painting :)

Mary Sanders Lazenby,   I see you... I love your  work and I look forward to your posts on FB. Your Catrina's are the best!

Carolee Clark, I see you... your painting is so wonderful. It has such awesome depth. You capture Halloween.

Kaf Grimm I see you dear! Each doll you debut makes me smile

 Daphne Hardy I see you. You give life to Blythe. her smile has soul when you are done.

Joyce Stahl, I see you.  Often imitated, but never duplicated your character evoke the spirit of Halloween.

Trust that I see you

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New work for EHAG Emporium

It's EHAG emporium night! This is Grandma Casper, my offering for this evening. :) 
She is a one of a kind original work of art. I created her with the sentiments of protection and love. I used many different kinds of vintage fabric and she has hand made glass eyes in two different colors.

She stands on a shabby chic candle stick which is pretty weighty.
 If you are interested in her, just email me.
She is SOLD + Shipping
Check out the other cool artwork at the EHAG Emporium:)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last week I had an interesting email. It was from someone who loves Prim Pumpkin (thank you) and wants to make dolls just like mine. She asked if I might do an online workshop on technique inspiration and a step by step tutorial of sorts. at first I was taken a back, mostly because I have done the work. I have tried and failed and out of failed attempts I have developed a recipe for what works. As any of you know, when you finally get a recipe right, it's a special thing. 

I felt like the email was saying something like this.... Hey, I like what you have spent the last 6 years of your creative energy on. I want to make something JUST like yours. Could you, for my benefit, package everything you have learned into a nice little package and give it to me?   What she was probable really saying was this, " Hey, I like what you do. Your work inspires me to want to create. Why don't you put together a workshop?

Which brings me to this:

"I am compelled to share what I have experienced in my own life -Namely, that small shifts in perspective make a huge difference" -Tracey Clark

My work is about happy, and I will continue in the vein. :)

This is worktable filled with secrets. my dreams spilled across it... my heart on top.

Love you this Wednesday.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

PLease PLay

When did I forget how to play?... When did I become more concerned with keeping the house clean than playing.... I promised myself that I would not forget.....

I am really upset at this fact... This pain in the ass realism of growing up. I am going back and reclaiming PLAY....

Friday, December 20, 2013

something new...

I want to make a declaration to the universe..... I just want to pour my hearts whisperings onto this page because powerful things are conspiring here at Prim Pumpkin.  Powerful because my heart is powerful and full of passion for my little dolls. The fairy energies are conspiring dear ones!
As I think back on the year, it was full of bumps and heartbreaks as  we lost my father in law, I had a wicked bout with mastitis(from breastfeeding), which required surgery and a broken shoulder for my boy.... My word for the year was Healing and it almost seemed like we did double time! 

Healing makes room for things anew. I have been working on new thing to show you.... I think you will be delighted!

I am making this declaration to the universe that I will make a book this year. It's really luscious and you are going to love it!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Don't Wait

Dear Darlings,

Don't wait to create, do it now. I know that I have been guilty of waiting. Waiting until I had more money to buy supplies... but now I know that I find comfort in using what is around me. Don't wait to make art because you want to take one more class or workshop because the only difference between you and them is that they have done the work to make their style authentically theirs.
 Don't be afraid to feel silly while your getting there. Just do the work and soon you will be in the middle of something all YOURS! Don't wait for the kids to grown up or start school because they are muses of grand  play, they keep your mind young and your imagination swirling with the fairies. Let them play and you will learn from  THEM. 

Just don't wait another day.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Miss Nibbles

Dear Pumpkin Diary,

I have an auction up right now.... Lots of offerings from the Prim Pumpkin right now.
Miss Nibbles
 I have the Pumpkin Belles available only on my blog as well.  I hope my pumpkins are well received and given lots of love when they reach their final destinations.  When they are here in my studio I give them lots of attention and love!
 Here is the auction link if you want to look, her auction ends on Sunday.